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SUPERVIT GRANULAT multi-ingredient granules with beta-glucan. SUPERVIT GRANULAT is a universal food in the form of granules, intended for everyday feeding of most omnivorous species of fish, which feed at the bottom or in the middle layers of the water. Nutritional and energetic needs are satisfied by an exceptionally rich formula based on a few dozens of carefully selected ingredients of the best quality, including crustaceans, molluscs and algae. Fishs immunity system and its ability to fight pathogens is facilitated by beta-glucan and stabilized vitamin C. Such a diversified formula makes SUPERVIT granules a perfect feeding solution for popular, multi-species tanks, where it serves as a base for further supplementation with vegetable and high-protein foods, as needed.

This food is also available in different forms:Supervit,Supervit Chips,Supervit Mini Granulat,SuperTabin A,SuperTabin B, SuperTabin Jumbo Size

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Commercial and logistic data

Code No. Bar code No. Article Packing No. of pcs in one
61401 5900469614013 Supervit Granulat sachet - 10g ľ / 20
60413 5900469604137 Supervit Granulat tin 100ml 55g 6 / 288
60414 5900469604144 Supervit Granulat tin 250ml 138 g 6 / 120
60416 5900469604168 Supervit Granulat tin 1000ml 550g 3 / 30
60418 5900469604182 Supervit Granulat bucket 5 l 2.75kg 1 / -
60419 5900469604199 Supervit Granulat bucket 10 l 5.5kg 1 / -


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Supervit Granulat

Supervit Granulat

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